Vision Work Sheet

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Get your thoughts inorder, build your own account vision

At the center of account governance is the account vision. Unlike hunting and territory management, the success or failure of an account manager is dependent on their ability to grow the account.

Success expands well beyond the transactional nature of the sale. The account has to be developed, not just sold to. Selling to an established account without a sales strategy is short sighted. It results in loosely coupled opportunities, and a reactionary environment where a competitor can quickly take hold. Developing an account requires a deliberate and clinical approach that includes planning, measuring, cadence, strategy, vision and more.

The account VISION worksheet will help you organize account:

  • Opportunities
  • Competitors and Competitive Landscape
  • Strategy
  • Outcomes and Goals
  • Wallet Share
  • Competitive Differentiators
Get your vision right, download the vision worksheet today!