The Impact Of Social On Sales Quota Is Growing Fast


Social Media and Sales Quota COMBO Survey Parts 1 & 2


In 2012, the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey uncovered that #SocialSelling is worth the time and plays a BIG impact on revenue. Fast forward three years and we found that the correlation has grown even stronger over time! The 2015 follow-up survey digs deeper and highlights how #SocialSelling is changing:

  1. Does using social media directly affect revenue?
  2. How pervasive are social media and social selling?
  3. What social media platforms have the biggest impact on sales?
  4. How can social media improve every stage of my sales process? 
  5. Where do we grow from here?

Hint: #SocialSellers are SIX TIMES more likely to exceed their quota!

...and more!

 If the impact of social selling has increased this much for early adopters in the past 3 years, imagine the exponential growth to come!!!